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Laurie Lobdell

After learning about Quilling (paper filigree art) and specifically being inspried by Yulia Brodskaya, I decided to give this a try.  At first I wanted to find a way to digitally create this art form, thinking that it would offer a new level of design manipulation.  I definitely learned a lot about the 3D effects menu in Illustrator, but could not find a way to make the designs look like real paper.  After many failed attempts, I decided that “virtual” paper rolls just don’t have the same impact as the real thing.  Here’s my attempt to create a quilled version of my name on the computer:


Close up look at virtual paper rolls:



Perhaps someone out there has the skills to do this, but I realized it wasn’t me.  Rather, I didn’t have the time/need/patience to figure it out.  I decided to try my hand at the actual paper craft, which Yulia has termed “papergraphics,” and this was much more satisfactory – and FUN!

Here’s how my name turned out in the papergraphic:



Not bad for a first attempt.  As you’ll see, the more I worked on this craft, the better results I was able to achieve.  I’ve tried a couple of logos (and these are NOT authorized or commissioned pieces, just me trying things out) and some typographical treatments.  I’m excited to continue to practice and improve and I hope that this can become part of my unique offering as a graphic designer!


Washington State University logo:



H2O at Home logo:








Close-up view: