I am a graphic designer that helps ideas take flight!

Laurie Lobdell



I have continued to develop my skills at quilling and paper typography by working on a calendar and now individual letters of the alphabet.  In order to create papergraphics of specific typefaces, I am using a combination of techniques I have found online.  First I choose the letter or word I want to create and then select the size and font in Adobe Illustrator.  Then I change the font to outlines only, reflect the image and print it out.  For the next step I use a small styrofoam board and straight pins to outline the letterform, and then wrap the paper around the pins to create the reversed shape.  The final step is to quickly and evenly apply glue to the paper and then place the backing sheet (the color paper the design will be done on) onto the letterform and let it dry for several minutes.  At that point I carefully remove the backing sheet and the graphic comes with it, now facing the right way.