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Laurie Lobdell

After a treasure hunt at my local thrift store, I came back with several frames including some with multiple sections.  I was inspired to create a quilling piece that would carry throughout 3 different sections of frames that were connected by hinges.


Cherry Tree quilling3One of my favorite childhood memories is when the cherry trees in my yard and neighborhood would bloom in the spring.  My sister and I called them “pink marshmallow trees” and to this day I still get a warm feeling when I catch a whiff of cherry blossom scent on the air.  This illustration is called The Promise of Spring.


Cherry Tree quilling Cherry Tree quilling2



Working full-time it was easy to let my blog slide, but now that I’m moving forward with my Graphic Design business, I’m making the time to post again…the blog is back!  Not sure how often I’ll post (don’t think I’ll ever be one of those “daily bloggers”) but I’ll be discussing design and marketing topics, upcoming events and specials and posting project pictures and info.

Seahawks Super Bowl quilledFirst up…the SUPER BOWL!  This quilling piece was designed and illustrated by me using a 3d paper art technique called quilling. Featuring a negative space outline of the Space Needle, the Seahawks logo, 12th Man flag and a football, this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve done so far!


Seahawks Super Bowl quilled2