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Laurie Lobdell



I found these instructions on how to make your own inexpensive lightbox at home, with just a cardboard box, tissue paper and posterboard.  I decided to try this since I was having a hard time getting good pictures of my quilling pieces.  It was so easy and I was absolutely amazed at the difference it made in my shots!


Here’s January before:




And after:





Wow!  I’m definitely going to use this moving forward.  =)

As a creative person, I often struggle with “over-designing” things.  I have so many ideas and sometimes it’s hard to scale back.  The proper utilization of white space can make a good design into a great one.  White space allows the viewer’s eye points to rest and can help establish the hierarchy of your design.


Here is a before and after example of a promotional poster.  The project was to announce the upcoming release of a collector’s edition set of books and CD’s for the two “Alice” stories.



By simplifying the design, I was able to establish a better visual hierarchy and draw attention to the most important information on the poster.  It also has a cleaner, more professional look than the original.

I love the idea of Infographic Design…taking a lot of data and turning it into something that not only looks good, but gets the point across quickly and easily.  I’ve done an infographic version of my resume (which I’m now tweaking again) and here’s one I did to help market for my other business.  I run a craft shop on Etsy.com and one of my most popular, but least understood, products is a Diaper Cake.  I created the icons and built this infographic using mainly Illustrator, with a little Photoshop as well. Let me know what you think!